Each individual is more than a diagnosis.
The whole person tells the story.

At Star Osteo and Wellness, we believe in giving more than just a diagnosis or a ‘one treatment fits all’ approach. For us, it’s not just about getting you back into the gym or playing sport. It’s about learning and understanding the body so that everyone continues to grow in their journey towards optimal physical and emotional health.

Giving patients our time to really listen, with qualified hands-on treatment, we focus on unraveling the underlying cause to restore movement and help relieve pain.

By becoming a part of our family, we will become a supportive part of yours, for less stress, less strain and more living.

Dr. Brooke Starling

Founder and director of Star Osteo and Wellness, Brooke is an Australian-trained osteopath, completing her degrees at Victoria University. Prior to this, she completed a Health Sciences degree, majoring in Nutrition and Family, Society and Health.

Her varied experience has seen her work in regional Victoria, London and many Aboriginal communities, with a natural ability to connect with and understand a patient’s health. She founded Star Osteo and Wellness to support local people and families with holistic osteopathic care in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

woman playing tennis

Brooke discovered her passion for manual therapy during her 24 years of tennis training and 10 years of tennis coaching, and you may find her enjoying a hit on one of the local tennis courts in her spare time. She has a keen interest in treating sportspeople but also thoroughly enjoys treating the general population from growing children and busy parents to local grandparents. Whether it be facilitating a return to sport or a hobby, reducing pain levels, or just improving one’s quality of life, she has the tools to do it!

Brooke believes that the osteopathic combination of hands-on therapy and rehabilitation, encompassed with continual learning, growth and education can help clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

“The steps to unraveling the truth behind a patient’s health condition is a process that keeps me learning, agile, and connected to improving their life. I uncover problems and find I can visualise solutions, empowering the patient every step of the way. This is what I am meant to do, and I feel it every time I treat someone.”

Dr. Ryan Pool

Ryan has been practicing as a chiropractor since he graduated from RMIT in 2018, with distinction in both bachelor degrees. Prior to this, Ryan also completed a 4 year bachelor degree in biology at James Madison University (JMU) in the United States.

During his time at university, Ryan developed a keen interest in the neurological side of chiropractic, essentially how the brain and nervous system impacts the body as a whole. He commenced post-graduate training in clinical neuroscience from the Carrick Institute in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Ryan also developed an interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation, completing the 6 module Functional Neuro-Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) program during his final year of chiropractic studies.

To this day, Ryan has continued his post-graduate studies with the Carrick institute and has since completed courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Movement disorders, Concussion and Eye movements. As a result of his training, Ryan has a keen interest in treating the following conditions:

> Post-concussion syndrome 

> Chronic fatigue 

> Dizziness 

> Balance disorders 

> Movement disorders 

> Headaches and migraines 

> Neck and low back pain 

> Sporting injuries  

> Other neurological conditions (e.g. MS, MND) 

> Learning difficulties (e.g. Difficulty concentrating at school) 

Outside of the world of chiropractic, Ryan is passionate about all things tennis, which lead him to attend 2 American Colleges on a tennis scholarship from 2009-2012. During his time at JMU, Ryan achieved all-conference honours in singles and doubles, as well as being a finalist for Athlete of the Year in 2013. Following his stint in college, Ryan completed the level 2 Bailey tennis footwork certification. This training allowed Ryan to complete research into the footwork patterns of former and current top 10 ATP and WTA tennis players. 

What to expect

Let the unravelling begin to find your optimal health and wellbeing


We will begin by getting to know you, understanding your medical history and perhaps finding a common thread that runs through your current issue


The learning starts with hands-on assessment by our highly trained osteopaths to really tease out and understand what your body is saying


After pulling gently at the threads of your health, we will share and explain our findings and the impact it’s having on you, from our holistic viewpoint


Together, we’ll address the cause of your issue with tailored treatments that we both feel comfortable with, to provide relief and care

Bend and Flex Plan

Treatment follows you home with the learnings and strategies to help ensure the best outcome for lasting management of your issue

We stay on the line

Our osteopaths care about giving more and will follow up with you to stay connected and available for support

Trusted Osteopathic Care

Our osteopaths have completed a five year university degree with training in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques as required by Australian professional standards. Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners and are trained to recognise conditions that may require medical referral.